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Amanuel Gizachew

Born in november of 28 1997 GC, in Gondar city,
He is a student at University of Gondar department of Computer science on 2017 GC.

About Amanuel Gizachew

Young Ethiopian Entrapreuner
He is the founder of Amaniload Business Group,in the last few year's
Amanuel Gizachew did uncountable project including Television platform.
He has many qualities website designer & builder, Youtuber, App designer, and many many more. 

Common features

He and his team members are working to forward single step of Ethiopian entraprueners.

About Amaniload TV

AMANILOAD TV is a privately held media company established in 2018 in Northern Amhara, Gondar city to provide a niche transmission programming that targets the booming Ethiopian market globally. Since its formation AMANILOAD has been, and still is, providing its media to subscribers interested to access programming of Ethiopian history, culture lifestyle, sports, entertainment, tourism, and business.
AMANILOAD TV aims to promote Ethiopian and other African countries values, cultures and traditions globally. The much-needed information provided by AMANILOAD TV would help bridge the cultural divide and narrow the communication gap for Ethiopians residing in North Amhara and around the world. AMANILOAD TV also envisions providing programs pertaining to the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia, its history, tradition, socio-economic development, business, tourism and current affairs. 


Gondar, Amhara,
Ethiopia 781


Phone: +251 (0) 962728207